Calculate a Percentage Difference / Change

If you want to calculate the percentage difference between two values this is how you do it! You can use the percentage change calculator below to work out your figures if you are looking for a quick answer, below the calculator you will also find the workings behind the answer and the percentage change formula.

Percentage Difference Calculator

Percentage Change (C): 20%

How to work out percentage change

To calculate a percentage change you need to calculate the difference, divide the change by the original value and then multiply that amount by 100. The result of this calculation can indicate an increase or decrease - a minus sign in front of the result shows the decrease as a percentage.

  1. Calculate the change (X): B − A = X
  2. Divide the change (X) by the original value (A): X ÷ A = D
  3. Finally multiply this amount by 100: D × 100 = The Percentage Change (C)

With the figures in the calculator above you would do the following:

  1. (B) 120 − (A) 100 = (X) 20
  2. (X) 20 ÷ (A) 100 = (D) 0.2
  3. (D) 0.2 × 100 = (C) 20
  4. The result is a 20% change.

Percentage change formula

Here's the percentage change calculation expressed as a formula:
C = ((B − A) ÷ A) × 100